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Our Hydro Facial is performed with a machine that uses water, oxygen & suction to remove impurities, exfoliate, & hydrate your skin like never before! Our Hydro Facial includes the use of micro-electrical, radiofrequency, ultrasound, & ice sealing therapies & our LED light therapy mask to maximize the skin's benefits. See for yourself why hydro facials are in such demand!

Non-Member $150 · Member $140


In a hurry? Treat yourself to a relaxing thirty-minute express facial. This facial focuses on deep cleansing and rehydration of the skin. After an invigorating double cleanse and extractions, the client will relax under steam while enjoying a luxurious mask that is chosen based on client specific skin needs.

Non-Member $50 · Member $45


Let the stress & tension melt away in our 60-minute client favorite facial.  A client favorite, this facial focuses on deep cleansing and exfoliation while incorporating relaxation & massage. Clients will enjoy drifting away while receiving a thorough double cleanse, extractions, customized mask & steam. If this wasn’t enticing enough, clients will also receive a deeply satisfying facial massage & shoulder/arm/hand massage. Let our esthetician help you relax with this treatment today!

Non-Member $75 · Member $65


The Acne destroyer! This treatment is perfect for congested & acne-prone skin. Our 60 minute deeply detoxifying facial uses a combination of manual extraction, deep cleansing & the use of ultrasonic technology to completely purge the pores of oil & impurities. This facial will leave your skin feeling smooth & revitalized while visibly reducing the appearance of your pores!

Non-Member $90 · Member $80


Say “Ahhhh” to our 45 minute customized back facial. Our esthetician will determine specific client needs & tailor a deep cleanse & mask followed by steam & relaxation massage. This together will provide an invigorating & refreshing experience that will leave you feeling clean & relaxed. This treatment is perfect for all skin types.

Non-Member $65 · Member $55


A superficial yet effective chemical peel that uses an effective combination of Malic Acid (30%) & Salicylic Acid (5%). Salicylic acid & Malic acid help to accelerate cell turnover while providing less exfoliation than more harsh peels. This peel reveals more beautiful, radiant skin & contains healing extracts such as willow bark making it a great option for those with sensitized & inflamed skin. The best part is you can experience this amazing peel with NO downtime and it is perfect for most skin types.

Non-Member $70 · Member $60


Less harsh than crystal microdermabrasion, the innovative & effective diamond microdermabrasion is a powerful & effective method of exfoliation.  This method uses a diamond-tipped vacuum wand that effortlessly glides over the skin and provides deep exfoliation. This treatment is also great for wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars, uneven skin tone, & more! Clients will leave with beautifully soft & radiant skin and will notice an increase in skincare product absorption!

Non-Member $90 · Member $80


Our deluxe dermaplane service will include a double cleanse, full dermaplane, relaxing facial massage, mask & application of a skin-soothing finishing product.

Non-Member $125 · Member $115


Dermaplaning is the manual exfoliation of the face by use of a surgical scalpel. Our highly trained & certified esthetician uses the scalpel to safely & painlessly remove the dead skin cells & fine vellus hair from all areas of the face. This service will remove superficial fine lines & leave your skin feeling baby soft with a beautiful, youthful glow! It will also help all of your skincare products penetrate deeper into the skin! Our basic dermaplane service will include a double cleanse, full dermaplane & application of a skin-soothing finishing product.

Non-Member $90 · Member $80




Specially formulated for oily & acne-prone skin types, this facial is filled with anti-inflammatory herbs, minerals, & vitamins especially suited to reduce breakouts & redness. 



Experience unrefined, raw nutrition bliss for your face with this balancing, hydrating, & brightening facial. Normal & combination skin benefits from a beautiful dose of hydrating minerals from root herbs, collagen-building silica from cucumbers & horsetail & antioxidant-rich heather flowers

Non-Member $120 · Member $110

Non-Member $120 · Member $110



Mature & dry skin receives careful attention with the most sophisticated ingredients. Powerful nourishing herbs like Maitake Mushrooms, hydrating Sodium PCA, & stabilized time-released Vitamin C keeps the skin energized & glowing.  

Non-Member $120 · Member $110


Micro-Needling is used to improve & generate new collagen & skin tissues for a more smooth, firmer, & more toned look. Can improve the appearance of scars, wrinkles & large pores.

Non-Member $150 · Member $140




Dry & sensitive skin needs careful attention. Only the most soothing ingredients & anti-reactive herbs make the cut for this star quality treatment. Botanicals like oats, mushrooms, plantain, & marshmallows provide potent compounds that directly reduce skin irritation & speed healing. Skin is left smoother, deeply hydrated & protected by rich natural oils. 

Non-Member $120 · Member $110

Paraffin Wax Treatment


Using paraffin wax can help relieve pain caused by arthritis, bursitis & chronic joint inflammation. It relaxes your muscles, relieves stiffness/muscle spasms & stimulates circulation. It leaves your skin feeling soft & smooth. This treatment includes hot towels, hand sanitizer, wax dip & insulated mitts/booties. 

Hand & Feet

Hands Or Feet

Non-Member $35 · Member $30

Non-Member $25 · Member $20

Facial Add-On's
Radio Frequency

Non-Member $10  · Member $5

A type of energy that has the capacity to heat the skin's deeper layers resulting in new collegn & eslastin production. This is a great non-invasive way to increase skin's firmness that takes only a few days to notive the results.  

High Frequency 
Non-Member $10  · Member $5

Safe, painless & non-invasive treatment using oscillating electrical currents that kill bacteria on contact. High Frequency is especially useful for treating acne, softening fine lines, toning sagging skin, reducing under-eye bags & promoting a healthy scalp.  

Non-Member $10 ·  Member $5

The low-level electrical current that allows complexes & serums to penetrate deep into the lower layers of the skin, increasing blood circulation & improving muscle tone & firmness. Incorporating this treatment will provide longer lasting results & improve skin conditions.

Non-Member $10 · Member $5

Often called the ‘instant facelift’ this painless treatment uses low level electrical currents to re-educate the facial muscles to shorten or lenghten. This lifts sagging skin, reduces the look of fine lines & wrinkles, & improves the tone & texture of the skin. The best results occur from a series of microcurrent sessions & continued use can produce longer-lasting results.

Deluxe Hydro Jelly Mask
Non-Member $20 · Member $15

Using only the best certified organic ingredients, these masks treat an array of skin concerns and are the perfect addition to any skin treatment. A Hydrojelly mask applies as a thick gel & dries to a face-forming rubberized mask. Your skin willthank you for indulging in one!


Non-Member $20  Member $15

Red Light: Anti-Aging, Helps with Collagen Production, Best for Aging, Sun-Damaged Skin, Rosacea, Eczema, & Psoriasis Skin Conditions

Blue Light: Soothes Inflammation, Calms Sensitive Skin, Clears Acne & Tightens Skin

Green Light: Lightens Hyperpigmentation Spots, Normalizes Sebaceous Glands to Clear & Balance Skin's Oil Production

Purple Light: Reduces Wrinkles, Stimulates Lymphatic Drainage & Increases Cell Regeneration

Yellow Light: Treats Abnormal Skin Pigmentation, Stimulates Red Blood Cells & Lightens & Smooths Scars

Cyan Light: Anti-inflammatory, Reduces Skin Tension & Swollen Capillaries, Helps Release Stress

White Light: Helps Acne, Rosacea, Eczema & Psoriasis Skin Conditions, Accelerates Growth & Healing of Skin Cells  

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