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Timeless Beauty, Endless Relaxation
Oxygen: You already know that it’s essential for life, but do you realize that it’s perhaps the most important component of staying young and beautiful?

In fact, the New England Journal of Medicine calculated that the single biggest difference between the bodies of a 70-year-old & a 25-year-old is that the 25-year-old is better able to utilize oxygen.

If you want unmatched relaxation, deeper cleansing, and limitless beauty, then it’s about time you discovered the benefits & wonders of oxygen.

More Energy, Increased Vitality
With ReVive, you flood your body with the nutrients it needs, enabling it to perform at peak efficiency.

- Increased circulation: Simulating the effects of moderate exercise.
- Boosted metabolism: helping you burn calories quickly & efficiently.
- Superior mineral absorption: when added to your bath, ReVive ensures your body gets the maximum benefits.

Not only will your body be able to better handle the demands of the day, but the deeper bathing experience -up to 60% higher oxygen levels than traditional water – means you’ll feel refreshed, relaxed & rejuvenated, all day long.

Healthy Skin
Your skin is the first thing people notice about you. Make it the last thing they remember due to the healing properties of the oxygen bubbles.

- Incredible Moisturization: the oxygen bubbles help trap moisture in the skin, leaving it smooth, supple, & beautiful.
- Gentle Exfoliation: the soak softly removes old, dead skin allowing your fresh, youthful skin to shine through.
- Removes Fine Lines: the healing oxygen that floods your skin helps plump your skin cells, filling in lines & wrinkles.
- Put your best face forward every day…. All it takes is a relaxing bath with ReVive.

Evaporate Stress & Enjoy Blissful Relaxation
The worries of everyday life are not match for the calming waters of ReVive. The bubbles coax stress out of your body, & replace it with healing nutrients.

- Relieve Muscle Tension: the warm water helps relax tense, tired muscles for deep relief.
- Lower Blood Pressure: stress makes your heart work harder than it ought to – ReVive eases the burden.
- Improve Sleep: increased serotonin levels will have you both feeling better, & also sleeping better, so you can live an energetic, fully vitalized life.

Soaking has been considered the antidote to stress for thousands of years. Experience the next generation in relaxation.

Anti-Aging: Stay Younger Longer
Signs of aging occur when your body succumbs to the wear and tear of the elements. What you may not know is this process often starts from the inside out.

- Fight Free Radicals: Free radicals have been shown to be responsible for everything from disease to aging – fight back with a powerful dose of Oxygen bubbles.
- Boost Your Immune System: ReVive helps your immune system to fight off disease that can rob you of our vitality.
- Improve Digestion: True health & wellness starts in the digestive system, & ReVive improves digestion so that you get all the nutrition your body needs from the food you eat.


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