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False Lash Extensions

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 A lash lift uses a special perming process to give you beautiful, curled eyelashes for weeks. A lash lift provides the effect of an eyelash curler and can vary from a natural curl to a more bold and dramatic curl. Your esthetician can help you decide which is right for you. 

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Adding a tinting service to a lash lift will give you the effect of lashes with mascara, without the fuss!


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Lash tinting is the application of a semi-permanent dye to your lashes to enhance them and give a more bold appearance. Color, on average, lasts 3 to 4 weeks.

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Brow tinting is the application of a semi-permanent dye to your brows that helps shape and define your natural brow shape. Color, on average, lasts 3 to 4 weeks.

Non-Member: $35 · Member:$30

Non-Member: $35 · Member:$30
Henna is the best solution for tinting as it provides a long-lasting stain on the eyebrows and hairs. When using a traditional tint, color will fade faster and skin within the brow area does not remain tinted, leaving room for naturally sparse areas to be visible. Henna also provides a more natural looking tattoo-like effect, making it a more popular option.

Non-Member: $55 · Member:$50
(Includes complimentary brow wax and tint)
Often called a brow lift, this viral and highly sought after service can add shape and fullness to even the most sparse brows. Using a similar process to that of a lash lift, the provider will groom your brows in a specific direction and apply a series of products to encourage the brow hair to stay in place. With proper post-care a brow lamination will last up to 8 weeks.
(please note that all client hair cycles are different and this time frame is an estimate of average duration)

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